Saturday, October 13, 2007

Festival Chocolate: Perugia, Toronto, Oakhurst

I've already covered UK Chocolate Week for Serious Eats. And it's too early to start talking about the New York Chocolate Show (but I plan to be there--legally, I've never been anything but a resident of New York State).

So what's left to say? Well, as the sun starts to hang back and autumn settles over the northern hemisphere (where ninety percent of the world's population resides), chocolate festivals are popping up everywhere.

In Italy, Perugia's fourteenth annual EuroChocolate starts today. Anyone with a working knowledge of at least one romance language can probably make sense of the event's web page. I defer to bilingual blogger Carlos Coronado's Spanish-English coverage of EuroChocolate and the Etruscan Chocohotel.

On this continent, the Toronto Chocolate Fest runs from October 14 to 20, and the Wild Wonderful Women of Oakhurst, California, host a feminist chocolate festival today and tomorrow.


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