Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chocolate Opinions: The FDA, Culinate, and Me

This weekend, the smart and generous editors at Culinate posted an editorial I wrote about the controversial proposal to change the US Food and Drug Administration's official definition of "chocolate." The opinion piece discusses the Guittard company's Don't Mess with Our Chocolate campaign, muses on the unusual properties of cocoa butter, and expands on my fascination with cacao terminology.

Culinate is also the foodie website behind the GrillMe contest, in which one reader and one food blogger can win a weekend trip to the COPIA Center for Wine, Food and the Arts in Napa. This battle of culinary wits has brought out my competitive streak, and I do hope that Chocolate in Context readers will vote for me. Those who voted during the first week of the contest can even vote again. Of course, there are many other fine people up for the award, including a trio of lovely food blogger women whom I met earlier this month: Ann from A Chicken in Every Granny Cart, Cathy from Not Eating Out in New York, and Luisa from The Wednesday Chef.


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