Monday, October 30, 2006

Chocolate Deadline: Entries for Food Destinations #3 Are Due Today!

The deadline for Food Destinations #3: My Favorite Chocolate Shop is today, October 30. That means that each entry should be posted sometime within the next 24 hours (depending on time zone). I know that some bloggers may be running late (I always am), but please try to finish up as soon as possible.

For more details, complete instructions, and a description of the prizes, take a look at my original event announcement. And don't forget to email me with a link to your post. Thanks for participating in the first Chocolate in Context blogging event!


Blogger lonely schnozz said...

Yummy! I love chocolate too! I live in South Africa and we get a really good chocolate here called Rapunzel! It's Yum!

3:26 AM GMT-5  

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