Sunday, May 05, 2013

Interim Chocolate Update: Reading, Writing, and Eating in New York

Where was I? I have a batch of scones in the oven and I'm on my way to the Food Book Fair. I'm also fantasizing about a couple of non-food events coming up in New York: the 80s Altman series at the New York Public Library and summer hours at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

I suppose they're not really fantasies because I'm here in the city, in proximity to all these resources. And if I can help it, I'm going to stick around for a while. It can be hard to keep up in New York if your objective is to slow down. That been a conundrum for me while working with Slow Food NYC this year. I suppose in other moments this too-much-pleasure-to-enjoy predicament would lead to neuroses. But for the moment--spring on the East Coast finally, finally, finally about to emerge from the depths of climate change--I'll sanguinely take the conundrums as they come.

A little spring-time advice to myself: If you're a writer who doesn't have time to write, be content to read, which Roland Barthes will tell you is another version of the same thing. If you're a chocolate blogger who doesn't have time to blog about chocolate, remember to enjoy eating the stuff (that's why you started doing this anyway). And be practical about publishing and take a few minutes to write about your fantasies once in a while. A couple of confections I envision tasting when my grand tour continues: Xocolat in Vienna and Cocoa Atelier in Dublin.


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