Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unstuck: Chocolate in a Future Context

In a time before the (latest) global economic crisis. Chocolate in Context left its unlikely but culinarily satisfying antipodean temporary home in Melbourne, Australia, for a brief stint in New York (where I took residence in a cubicle and helped Epicurious change the HTML behind their blog) only to land in the distinctly (despite the admirable work of Alice Julier at Chatham College) unfoodie landscape of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  And when I look at my blog now, it's kind of in the same place where I left it, along with the big city, five years ago.

If I were wondering what happened to the time, I might consult Martin Heidegger, or Kurt Vonnegut.  But, oddly, it was reading books that diverted my attention from chocolate in the first place.  Before I started grad school, I had a whole slew of chocolate-related blogs organized on Google Reader and endless clippings about chocolatiers, chocolate schools, chocolate cakes, and chocolate politics organized into neatly catalogued file folders.  But while I was busy becoming tediously engrossed in academia, new blogs, new blog readers, new articles, and new technologies came along and I, my RSS reader and file folders overflowing, became unstuck in the blogosphere.

I hope that 2013 will be the year that Chocolate in Context travels back into the present, with a focus on global capitals and global chocolate, maybe with some global literature mixed in.  While I'm gearing up, you might find me in a screening room watching the Susan Sarandon-narrated documentary Nothing Like Chocolate (about Mott Green's Granada Chocolate Company) or pondering over the new scientifically engineered Mizzou Crunch bar from Patric Chocolate.


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