Friday, July 20, 2012

Chocolate Repatriation Breakfast

From the runway leaving Heathrow airport the other day, I sent a quick note to my former colleague and former co-expatriate in China Katie.  She wrote back asking "Where are you headed? The States or Portugal or someplace new entirely?"  My answers to those questions are the same ones I've been giving to other people (and myself) for a while: "Stay tuned!" (and "Be patient.")  Luckily, when I woke up in yet another time zone yesterday morning, I riffled through the contents of the airplane snack box that I had carefully packed for myself the day before and threw together the most decadently simple reminder that life doesn't need too many ingredients.

Chocolate Repatriation Breakfast
Six squares (rectangles, really) from a bar of Duffy's Corazon del Ecuador chocolate, made in the UK by former racecar engineer Duffy Sheardown.  (Or use another award-winning single-origin chocolate that you'd like to try for the first time, that you know and love, or that you recently splurged on and are waiting for a reason to tuck into)
One raisin scone

Cut the scone in half the way you would a bagel or English muffin.  Toast both halves until just golden.  Place three squares of chocolate on each toasted half and wait about 90 seconds.  By now, the chocolate, though it will still hold its shape, will have melted enough to make it spreadable; use a knife to spread the chocolate evenly across the surface and eat the scone immediately.

To wake yourself up with even more flavor and power, top a whole-grain scone with another Ecuadoran chocolate, Pacari's Raw 70% Cacao bar.


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