Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zingerman's Chocolate 4: Darling Clementines

I bought three hundred dollars worth of groceries last week, including an entire tempting box of clementines. I must admit, though, Duff Anderson's latest chocolatey recommendation from Zingerman's is a bit more tempting:

The ultimate indulgence at Zingerman’s Mail Order this time of year is the box of Chocolate Covered Clementines from Italy. One of many foodstuffs that Zingerman's imports from Calabria - a southern province known for hot peppers, preserved figs and great citrus – the arrival of the clementines is especially exciting for chocolate lovers because they are candied and covered in chocolate (Gasp!).

You read it right. These fresh Italian clementines (the darling of the citrus family) are soaked in a bath of simple syrup, cut into quarters, then dipped in dark chocolate. Since the whole fruit is candied, peel and all, the clementines end up sweet and perfectly bitter. Each chocolate covered clementine wedge is the size of a large chocolate truffle, eatable in one bite or two. If you are trying to avoid a mess, I suggest one bite (they are very juicy).

The chocolate covered clementines are available October-February only. Have a friend whose family hails from southern Italy? Tired of the polite, French candied orange-in-dark-chocolate combinations and want something that will dribble down your chin? Wondering what you can contribute to the holiday parties coming quickly around the bend? A box of crazy-good clementines from Italy is the answer. Call Zingerman's Mail Order at 1-888-636-8162 and order a box today!


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