Monday, January 28, 2008

More Pittsburgh Chocolate

A couple of months ago, a reporter from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review asked me to comment on the allegedly legendary "chocolate belt" of small confectioners in Pennsylvania and Ohio, such as Betsy Ann and Bolan's. I gave what I thought was the perfect response: I guffawed and exclaimed, "I have never heard of a chocolate belt in Western Pennsylvania." I was neither quoted nor mentioned in the article. I suppose my behavior was not very neighborly.

This time, I will not pass judgement. I will simply announce: A new chocolate shop is opening in Pittsburgh, within walking distance of my house. The place is called A Taste of Chocolate: Exquisite Cocoa and it's on Center and Highland Avenues, next to the bridge that comes over the railroad tracks between East Liberty and Shadyside. The owner is a bar-room friend of my thesis advisor, and I hear he's an interesting character.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much as I love boutique dark chocolate, there is something about the milk chocolate at Philadelphia Candies that makes it my favorite chocolate anywhere. I swear -- best cordial cherries and milk chocolate Easter Bunnies anywhere!

Philadelphia Candies is located in Hermitage, PA -- so, if there is a "chocolate belt" in Western PA and OH, Philadelphia Candies is the keystone chocolatier. At least for me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there. I live in the 'burgh, too, and it's just as well that your name wasn't associated with the Trib. Any publication regarding or related to Richard Mellon Scaife can't be too good!

There was a fantastic article in this month's _Vanity_Fair_ RE: PGH high-society and Mellon Scaife.

If you're interested:


Your chocolate blog is terrific.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

it will always be for me

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