Thursday, October 25, 2007

If You Can Make It There... Chocolate for New Yorkers

Protesters be damned. The Proposition, an art gallery in New York, is hanging sculptor Cosimo Cavallaro's "Chocolate Saints... Sweet Jesus" collection. The show, which includes a controversial solid chocolate martyr (left) as well as standing chocolate statues of eight saints (including Mary and Michael, right), will be feted with an opening on October 27 and will run through November 24.

New York Magazine's Grub Street blog offers up a YouTube clip of Tom Waits singing "Chocolate Jesus" in reverence.

And Bill Buford may have written the definitive piece of chocolate literary journalism in this week's New Yorker. He takes on Dagoba-founder Frederick Schilling, following him through a bean-scavenging trip to Brazil, epic family drama, and a visitation from the cacao goddess Xochiquetzal.


Blogger Katy said...

i hope they keep the heat down in there!

10:54 PM GMT-5  
Blogger frederick schilling said...

Regarding the New Yorker article written by Bill Buford, i'm filling in 95% of the journey on my chocolate blog - - as Bill could only squeeze in about 5% of what we really went thru in Brazil... it was an amazing trip...

12:51 PM GMT-5  

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