Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chocolate in Transit, Chocolate in Transition: The Jet Blue Terminal at JFK

      I moved to Pittsburgh last week. At just one-hour, Jet Blue's flight 1053 from New York was the swiftest relocation of my life. And the Jet Blue terminal at JFK International Airport was a surprisingly wonderful spot to start a new chapter.

At the shop adjacent to the Copacabana-style bar (before the draconian Homeland Security-controlled checkpoint), I found a candy selection that included not only pocket-sized Ghirardelli bars and the savvily-marketed sweetriot cacao nibs (already far superior to the food-like-products available at most airports) but also such artisanal standouts as Lake Champlain's Five Star bars (a favorite of Candy Freak author Steve Almond) and at least one single-origin chocolate from Colombia-based Santander. Past security, the Oasis Day Spa (where I idled away my flight's brief delay with a facial) even stocks Jacques Torres's hot chocolate mix.

Jet Blue has gotten a bad reputation this year. The budget airline's decision to leave passengers on the runway for up to 11 hours (a debacle that trapped one chocolatier I know) turned many off for good. But I salute the airline's customer-relations and chocolate-inventory policies.


Blogger Chocolate Candy Making Recipes and Tips said...

Fantastic blog fun to read! Ive been where you are talking about. Heaven!

11:33 PM GMT-5  
Blogger essny said...

I'll have to assume that the move was a smooth one. And yum, chocolate!

7:52 AM GMT-5  

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