Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chocolate Reader Responses: The Blogads Survey

I have big plans for Chocolate in Context. The biggest among them is to keep the blog small enough that nothing gets in the way of my writing. But others include increasing readership and revenues. To that end, I've joined the Blogads network, a nifty sales team that promises to pepper my website with ads for stuff that my readers actually want.

Of course, they need to know what my readers actually want--so I am asking you, dear readers, to take the Blogads Reader Survey. The average time for filling out the form (what the US government calls the "estimated burden") is just twelve minutes. And to enhance the win-win situation, I am entering all Chocolate in Context survey participants in a drawing for a free canister of Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate mix. To be eligible, make sure to enter your email address on the survey form (it will not be made public).

If you are a chocolate maker, chocolatier, chocolate shop owner, or other entrepreneur who would like to buy an ad, please click "Advertise on Chocolate in Context" on the right side of this page, or email me directly.

Thanks everyone!


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