Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Passover Chocolate: Jacques Torres's Matzo and Manischewitz

This time of year, the best chocolatiers turn out symbolic eggs by the carton (Michael Recchiuti does a particularly good job), as well as bunny rabbits and life-sized edible statues of Christ Almighty. But artisanal Passover chocolate is hard to come by.

New York's Jacques Torres comes to the rescue. Not only does he use his own couverture blend for traditional chocolate-covered matzo, but he's also making Manischewitz ganache for novelty bon bons sold only in his New York store. Passover continues through April 10.

I have updated my previous post about Sugar High Friday #29, A Suitcase Full of Nibs, adding an entry that I had overlooked and correcting some biographical details. I'll continue to correct any errors that conscientious bloggers bring to my attention.


Blogger The Chocolate Nerd said...

Vosges also just introduced a new chocolate Covered Matzo collection for the season.

12:13 PM GMT-5  

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