Friday, August 04, 2006

Upcoming Chocolate Forums

There are 28 spaces (and five days to register) left for Clay Gordon's latest Chocolate Meet-Up on August 10th in New York City. The theme of the event remains mysterious, but single-origin chocolate ice cream may be involved. The $20 entry fee will surely be money well spent. For more information, check out

On the other side of the Atlantic, chocolate purists from London's 70% recently began hosting monthly tastings. These chocolate club meetings, featuring expert lecturers and abundant samples, cost £22.50. The next available date is September 12th.


Blogger Betty Carlson said...

Nice blog, although I'm not a chocoholic. Have you heard of Yves Thuries or Michel Belin, both based in the Tarn department in France? They are quite famous "chocolotiers" in SW France.

Cheers from a fellow Well Fed writer.

10:57 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Chocolate Candy Making Recipes and Tips said...

These are REALLY FUN! You've got to go!

7:22 PM GMT-5  

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