Monday, February 20, 2006

Chocolate in the Northeast

On March 4, Central American chocolate traditions will break through the New England winter at the annual chocolate dinner in Middlebury, Connecticut. This year's event, "Chocolate: Food of the Gods," is a fundraiser for the local Audubon Center, and will feature indigenous ingredients from chocolate's home in Mesoamerica and a learned talk on "the Birth of Cacao" by professor emeritus of anthropology at Yale and chocolate author Michael Coe (see "Chocolate Literary Journeys"). The certified-organic meal includes roast turkey in a chocolate-infused mole poblano sauce, salad dressed in cacao nibs and raspberry vinaigrette, and a final Aztec indulgence in the form of a chocolate-chile cake, all prepared by the executive chef of the ecologically-conscious New Morning Store in nearby Woodbury.

Tickets are $55 and will remain on sale through this Friday, February 24. For more information, contact Gene Banks at or 203-263-0673, ext. 317, or visit


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you get a good turn out--Mike is my FIL and he's a great speaker.
Kate Coe

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